La Crosse Area Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our deep cleaning process leaves your tile, stone & grout looking like new.

How many times have you mopped your tile in the last month? Does mopping ever get it completely clean? Not hardly, but I have a solution for you.

Tile is great. It looks good and it doesn’t stain easily. But those darn grout lines never seem to get clean and the tiles hold dirt, too. Without spending hours scrubbing on your hands and knees, it’s impossible to keep tile and grout clean. Well, it WAS impossible until now.

Here’s what I recommend: A yearly or twice-yearly deep, high-pressure, hot water extraction cleaning.

Once your tile is back in shape and looking good, it’s MUCH easier for you to keep it clean with normal mopping.

Our tile and grout cleaning system:

1. Your tile is pre-treated with a special tile and grout cleaning agent. For the kitchen and greasy areas, we use a tile cleaner made to break down oils. For other areas, we use a cleaner made to brighten the grout.

2. The pre-spray is brushed into the grout to make sure it cleans deep.

3. The tile is rinsed with hot 220 degree water at 1,500 psi. All the dirty water is extracted outside into a holding tank in our van. This system is similar to how pressure washing companies clean driveways, but it’s designed to be used inside your home and leave NO MESS.

4. Drying of the tile is done with towels and air movers.

5. At your request after cleaning, we can seal your grout lines to prevent stains and soiling in the future. This can help your grout look better for a longer period of time.

Call us today and we’ll save you from embarrassing dirty tile. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing on your hands and knees.

Yes, we clean natural stone and synthetic tile.

Yes, we can clean your showers. If your tiled shower is looking dingy, give us a call.

Yes, we do commercial tile. Call us for an estimate!

Grout – Sealed Grout Eliminates Germ Buildup & Residue From Spills

After deep cleaning your tile and stone, we can also seal your grout as an optional service. Our sealing process applies an impervious barrier that stops dirt, grime, mold and bacteria from seeping into the grout pores. This keeps your grout clean and germ-free, eliminating build-up that is invisible to the eye. It also eliminates long term residue from spills and other messes that can build up and stain or damage grout.

Clean Your Tile or Stone Every 12 Months

Plan on cleaning and treating your tile, stone and grout at least once a year to ensure long lasting protection and shine. For large families or high traffic areas, you may even want to have your tile, stone and grout cleaned twice a year. Our tile and grout cleaning service is ideal for many varieties of tile and stone including ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite, travertine and even Saltillo. We also offer grout color restoration services to make the joints look just like new.