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See what some of our customers have to say:

“This company does a phenomenal job for such low prices. I am blown away, by how well of a job he did. He also took a long time to work on the multiple stains we had in our carpets. I will be happy to recommend him to my friends and family.”

Eric Josselyn

“This looks amazing, you did a better job than the last company that came in, and I have used them for years.”

Judy Deering

I kept waiting for the stains to come back, but they never did, Thanks!

James Matthorn

Great job, I’m amazed at the quality of work for the price you charge.

Janine Snow

My carpet looks amazing. I have 2 dogs and 2 children so lots of traffic in my house, but Ryan did an awesome job cleaning my carpets and making them look new again. I even had the seats/carpet in my Durango cleaned and can’t believe how super it looks. I would recommend Good As New Carpet Cleaning to anyone looking for extremely clean carpets and friendly service.

Donah Callaway