Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning in La Crosse, WI & Winona, MN

How dirty do your sofa, recliner, and chairs get? Well, if you’re like most Wisconsin homeowners, you spend quality time sitting in your living room, watching television, drinking pop and snacking. You can take a good guess as to where some of the drink and food go: on your furniture.

All fabrics need to be cleaned. Just like the sheets on your bed, regular cleaning is necessary. Most upholstered furniture manufacturers recommend that you clean your upholstery every two years.

When we come out to clean your upholstery, first we’ll do an inspection to determine if your fabric is wet-cleanable. Normally, we use a safe low-moisture method of cleaning on upholstery to make sure there are no problems with bleeding, shrinking or damage. If your fabric can’t be cleaned, we’ll let you know.

Don’t trust an inexperienced cleaner to clean your fabrics! When you call Good As New Carpet Cleaning, the owner, Ryan Beach (that’s me!), will personally come out to do your cleaning. I have over fifteen years of experience in the cleaning field and I have the expertise to take proper care of your fabrics.

Here's how I go about cleaning furniture:

1. The fabric is pre-vacuumed to remove dry soil.

2. A neutral PH pre-treater is misted on the fabric and gently brushed into the fibers. The wrong cleaner may damage some fabrics, so we stick to cleaners that are safe.

3. Your upholstery is rinsed with a low moisture upholstery cleaning tool to assure maximum rinsing and moisture removal. This is the safest way to thoroughly clean your fabrics.

4. The cushions are tented so they dry fast. Air movers are used for drying if necessary.

5. Upon request after cleaning, we can apply a fabric protector to your sofa, recliner or upholstered chairs to help keep them clean and resist future soiling.

Ask about our leather cleaning services. Your leather can be cleaned and protected as well!